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Rape Of The Rohingya

R, 13, covers her face with her headscarf while being photographed in her tent in Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh.Wong Maye-E / AP

They came first to expel, rape, and slaughter the hapless Muslim Rohingya.

21 Rohingya women detail systemic, brutal rapes by Myanmar armed forces


The use of rape by Myanmar’s armed forces has been sweeping and methodical, The Associated Press found in interviews with Rohingya Muslim women and girls.”

And now they are bent on the systematic slaughter of their fellow citizens, including children and students, of Myanmar. The indifference of the major world powers and so-called civilized nations to the ongoing slaughter of defenseless civilians by Myanmar’s murderous military is chilling.

Slaughter Of Civilians Continues In Myanmar (Formerly Burma) Witnesses to Bago killings describe relentless military onslaught against Myanmar civilian population 

“The shooting started in the city of Bago, Myanmar at 5 a.m. on April 9. By the early hours of the next morning, at least 82 people were dead, according to advocacy group AAPP. One pro-democracy protester, an 18-year-old member of the so-called Defense Team tasked with protecting the neighborhood from the military, says he believes the death toll is closer to 100.

The military went house to house in certain neighborhoods that day, arresting people in their homes, according to multiple sources. They say families received a phone call the next day, inviting them to come and pick up the bodies of those killed in the violence, at a price. Relatives are being asked to pay the equivalent of $85 for the privilege of buying their loved one and giving them a dignified farewell. That price has now risen to $110, one activist says.”

Myanmar’s Bloodshed Reveals a World That Has Changed, and Hasn’t 

Family mourners at the funeral of Ma Khine Zar Thwe, 25, a bank employee, who was shot and killed by Myanmar’s murderous military amid a protest crackdown in Yangon, Myanmar. Credit: The New York Times

“Myanmar’s rulers this week crossed a threshold few governments breach anymore: They have killed, by most estimates, more than 500 unarmed citizens of their own country.”

U.N. says at least 38 dead in Myanmar anti-coup protests, as security forces shoot to kill.

Homage To Myanmar protester Kyal Sin!

Nineteen-year-old Kyal Sin, better known by her nickname Angel, was a singer, dancer and taekwondo champion in Mandalay, Myanmar’s second-largest city.

On Wednesday, she donned a black T-shirt with the words “everything will be ok” before heading out to join protests against the military’s seizure of power in a coup on Feb. 1. She was shot in the head and killed, one of at least 38 people who died at the hands of security forces that day, according to the United Nations.”

Kyal Sin before she was shot and killed by the brutal Myanmar military