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Only international legal institutions with powers of enforcement and punishment can stop these lawless and savage assaults by homicidal gangsters, acting on behalf of a rogue US state and killing machine, on civilians in distant lands! The US populace must also organize and act to prevent its government from engaging in these campaigns of mass murder in the Middle East.


At least 30 Syrian civilians were killed in an airstrike by the United States-led coalition fighting Islamic State militants in a rural area of Raqqa Province early Tuesday, according to residents, activists and state television.

The United States-led coalition said it had no indications an airstrike had hit civilians, but in its daily report on coalition strikes, the United States military acknowledged that strikes were carried out in the area. It said that on Tuesday, coalition warplanes carried out 19 airstrikes — an unusually high number for a single day — on a range of Islamic State facilities near the city of Raqqa.

The attack, which hit a school in the town of Mansoura, where civilians had taken shelter Tuesday night, was the second time in a week that Syrians had accused the United States of involvement in a strike that killed dozens of noncombatants.

Forty-nine people died last week when American warplanes fired on a target in Al Jinah, a village in western Aleppo Province. United States officials said the attack had hit a building where Qaeda operatives were meeting, but residents said the warplanes had struck a mosque where hundreds of people had gathered for a weekly religious meeting.

The two airstrikes have raised concerns about whether the United States military has become less careful, or less selective, in its targeting. President Trump repeatedly said during his campaign that he would loosen restrictions intended to protect civilians during attacks against the Islamic State and other extremist groups.”

Defense officials had acknowledged that the building hit in the March 16 airstrike was near a mosque…

But the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 49 people had been killed in what the monitoring group described as a “massacre” of civilians who were participating in religious instruction. Residents have described the building as an assembly hall and dining area for worshipers who gathered for religious lessons, and have produced photographs taken at the site after the strike that show a black sign outside a still-standing adjoining structure that identifies it as part of the Omar ibn al-Khatab mosque.